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Russian-Portuguese Conversation Guide

In 2014, Rede Brasil Cultural released the "Basic Russian- Portuguese Conversation Guide: Brazilian variant".

The guide was produced by the Brazilian Embassy in Moscow with participation of the following authors: Igor Germano, Alexandra Rudakova, Sergey Kukhtin and Yuliana Pritkova, with illustrations by Viktor Saltimakov.

The publication provides a brief introduction to the different variants of the Portuguese language, followed by explanations of the language's pronunciation and alphabet. The guide presents a selection of the most common phrases and basic vocabulary used in different contexts: at the airport, in the restaurant, on the beach etc. The book also features a colorful map of Brazil and Brazilian culture-related information, such as cooking and everyday life. 


Russian-Portuguese Conversation Guide



Guia de conversação - introdução                                                            Guia de conversação - lições

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