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Brazilian Studies Groups






The Cultural Centers are complemented by smaller teaching units, called Brazilian Studies Groups, located in Embassies or Vice-Consulates. At these Groups, a teacher is in charge of offering Portuguese courses, besides frequently organizing activities of cultural diffusion, such as typical Brazilian parties and music concerts.

The smaller structure of the Brazilian Studies Groups, in comparison to the Cultural Centers, allows us to widen the promotion of the Portuguese language in countries such as in Pakistan and Equatorial Guinea. The Groups model is also found in bordering cities, where Brazil has vice-consulates and where the demand of Brazilian Portuguese classes is intense.

Furthermore, the Brazilian Studies Groups are useful for assessing the possibility of future creation of Cultural Centers, depending on the local demand and availability of local employees.

Currently, five Groups operate in four countries: Equatorial Guinea (Malabo), Guatemala (Guatemala City), Pakistan (Islamabad), and Uruguay (Artigas and Rio Branco).


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