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The lecturers are university professors acting in foreign institutions of higher education, where they promote the Portuguese language and the Brazilian culture. The positions are offered through public notice, published by the Brazilian Ministry of External Relations and CAPES (Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel). A pre-selection of the applicants, made by CAPES, is submitted to the foreign universities, which choose the lecturer in a definitive selection process.

The selected professors receive a scholarship from Itamaraty, besides benefits provided by the teaching institutions for which they work. The benefits offered by the universities vary according to the particularities of each country.

Currently, there are 40 Brazilian lectureships in activity. In South America, there are lectureships in Argentina, Colombia and Chile. In North America, there are three lecturers in the United States, and, in Mexico, the activities will be resumed soon. In Europe, there are lecturers in England, France, Croatia, among other countries. Africa has lecturers in Senegal, Sao Tome and Principe and, soon, South Africa will be part of the lectureship network.  In Asia, China, Thailand, and Vietnam are included in the programme.

The lectureship experience is rewarding for both the selected professors, with the chance to teach in the best universities in the world, and for their students, reducing the distance between the images they have about Brazil and the reality they can learn about it. Besides improving their knowledge, the students have had job opportunities in local companies seeking stronger commercial and cultural relations with Brazil.

See Rede Brasil Cultural in a map.

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