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Rede Brasil Cultural

Rede Brasil Cultural (Brazilian Cultural Network) is an initiative of the Ministry of External Relations for promoting the Portuguese language and the Brazilian culture abroad. Present in forty-four countries in five continents, it is formed by twenty-four Cultural Centers (CCBs), over forty Lectureships, and five Brazilian Studies Groups (NEBs).

The Brazilian Cultural Centers are extensions of the embassies. They offer Portuguese  language courses, as well as dance, music, cooking and arts courses, among other activities. Currently, there are thirteen centers in the Americas, six in Africa, three in Europe, and two in the Middle East.

The Lecturerships are teaching posts offered to Brazilian university professors in foreign institutions of higher education to promote the Brazilian language and culture. The positions are offered through public notice, published jointly by the Ministry of External Relations and by the Ministry of Education, through the Brazilian federal agency for the support and evaluation of graduate education (CAPES).  A pre-selection of the applicants, made by CAPES, is submitted to the foreign universities, which will choose the lecturer according to their academic needs and interests.

Five Brazilian Studies Groups are also part of the Network, operating in embassies and consulates in Equatorial Guinea, Guatemala, Pakistan, and Uruguay. The NEBs offer Portuguese courses and promote activities related to the Brazilian culture.
Since 2011, the Network has also been supporting, activities in in twenty-five countries geared towards the Brazilian community abroad, aiming at promoting the study of the Portuguese language as a heritage language.


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