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Brazil-Mozambique Cultural Center

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"Poemas em Telas: Exposição de Poesia em Língua Portuguesa" …

No último dia 1° de março, o Centro Cultural Brasil-Moçambique abriu a exposição "Poemas em Telas: Exposição de Poesia em Língua Portuguesa". O evento transpôs as fronteiras artísticas, num diálogo...


Brazil-Mozambique Cultural Center

The Brazil-Mozambique Cultural Center (CCBM) was founded in 1989, by the late Minister of Culture José Aparecido de Oliveira. Its creation, which symbolized a step towards the strengthening of Afro-Brazilian cultural relations, took place in the context of the General Agreement between  Brazil and Mozambique, signed in 1981.


Previously known as "Brazilian Studies Center (CEB)', the CCBM was conceived as a cultural space aiming at promoting and publicizing culture _ not only Brazilian _ but Mozambican and from other African countries. 


In October 2008, in a solemn ceremony attended by both the President of the Republic and the Minister of the External Relations, the CEB was renamed "Brazil-Mozambique Cultural Center". The renaming was applied to all Brazilian Cultural Centers maintained abroad by the Brazilian Embassies and Consulates. The new name aimed at signaling the broadening of activities of the Cultural Centers, which, apart from presenting a diversified and extensive cultural agenda, also started offering Portuguese courses.


The CCBM is located on the corner of 25 de Setembro St. and Karl Marx St. in a spacious two-storey building with a library, a concert hall, art galleries, classrooms for the teaching of Portuguese, and a special area for "capoeira" classes. 


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Av. 25 de Setembro, nº1728

Phone number: (258) 21-304860
Fax: (258) 21-306772
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