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The Brazil-South Africa Cultural Centre together with the Brazilian Embassy in Pretoria, took part in the "2016 Diplomatic Fun Fair" on October 29th 2016. The event was hosted by the Foreign Relationships and Cooperation Department of South Africa, in the Union Buildings gardens, headquarters of the presidency of the South Africa republic. The fair brought together 46 diplomatic missions. The event is promoted yearly by the South African government and aims to encourage cultural exchange as well as to allow the local community to have a closer contact with other countries. The Brazilian stand, which was decorated with flags and posters of Brazil's landscapes, distributed brochures, cultural and tourism promotion materials, leaflets about Portuguesa classes at the Cultural Centre and at the University of Pretoria, as well as it served Brazilian food. Brazilian popular music (MPB) videoclips and promotional videos

The 32nd international book fair of Gothenburg, one of the biggest literary fairs in Europe, took place in September 2016, with the remarkable presence of a stand entirely dedicated to Brazil, the only latin-american country and the only CPLP (the Community of Portuguese Language Countries) member to have an exclusive stand in Gothenburg's book fair. Three writers took part of the Brazilian delegation: Oscar Nakasato, author of the book "Nihonjin", 2012 "Jabuti Award" winning novel, about the story of Japanese immigrants to Brazil; André Neves, author of a lot children books like "TOM", whose main character is an autistic boy; and Bianca Pinheiro, a comic book writer, winner of the most important Brazilian comic book award in 2015. The Brazilian stand hosted the exhibition of a diversified set of books like a collection of "Prêmio Jabuti" winners sent by the

The fifth Annual World Conference of the Teaching Portuguese (V EMEP) is an event of the 'Focus Brazil Foundation' and organized by the American Organization of Teachers of Portuguese (AOTP). The event took place from August 19th to 20th of 2016 at the University of California, in the city of Berkeley - CA. The teachers who participated in the EMEP had the opportunity to attend specialized lectures on teaching Portuguese, methodologies of foreign languages ​​with language acquisition sessions, roundtables discussions as well as dynamic and innovative speakers who discussed the teaching of Portuguese as a foreign language and heritage language.                                                                   

In July 2016, the Brazilian Cultural Center (CCB) in Tel Aviv met up with all the Israeli Paralympics athletes that will be in Rio de Janeiro for 2016 Paralympic Games. During the meeting, the CCB's teachers talked about aspects of the Brazilian culture as well as gave some basic notions of Portuguese.

Teacher Márcia Vinha gave a lecture about history, society, and the cultural identity of Brazil. After that, teacher Laís Rosal gave a Portuguese language short course, by teaching greetings, numbers and usual expression of basic communication. A simulation of a conversation taking place in a bar was also tried, with typical food vocabulary, Portuguese menu and Brazil's national coin representation.

The athletes showed great enthusiasm about Brazil, and some of them even wanted to improve their Portuguese language skills, just to be ready for Rio 2016.



The Brazilian Cultural-Centre in Tel Aviv hosted a new exhibition called "Variantes Linguísticas do Português". The interactive exhibition has been based on the Portuguese Language Museum´s collection, located in the city of São Paulo. A lecture about the historic evolution of Portuguese has been given as a part of the opening cerimony, followed by the exhibition of the film "Vidas: Línguas em Português", by Brazilian director Vitor Lopes. The exhibition has been divided into three parts: Portuguese in the world, Portuguese in Brazil and Myths. The first part explored the evolution of Portuguese language since its origins as an Indo-European language, until its institution as the official language of Portugal and, later, as the official language of all others Portuguese-speaking countries. The second part showed all the Brazilian's linguistics variations, through a lot of texts, like poems. The third one, has been

The Brazilian Consulate-General in Tokyo celebrated on July 28th 2016, the 100th anniversary of the first Samba recorded ever, called "Pelo Telefone", by Brazilian songwriter Ernesto Joaquim Maria dos Santos, most known as "Donga", by promoting a percussion workshop. The event took place in the city of Oizumi-Machi, in the Gunma province, with the presence of 30 students of several Brazilians schools located in the Consulate's jurisdiction. During the workshop, all the musicians invited to the celebration chaired a lecture about Samba's history, by teaching people how to play several percussion instruments and how to dance, among other things like play a lot of music sounds.