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Brazil-Bolivia Cultural Center

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Dia Internacional da Mulher no CCB-Bolívia

Em comemoração ao Dia Internacional da Mulher, no dia 7 de março de 2018, o Centro Cultural Brasil-Bolívia (CCBB) recebeu a cantora e ativista guatemalteca, Rebeca Lane para palestra interativa. Com...


Brazil-Bolivia Cultural Center


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The Brazil-Bolivia Cultural Center (CCBB) first started its activities as a "Brazilian Studies Center", in 1958. Nowadays, it offers regular and intensive Brazilian Portuguese courses in six levels of proficiency, each with forty hours of duration. Classes are offered Mondays through Fridays, either in the  morning, afternoon or evening. Along more than fifty years of existence, the CCBB has contributed to the promotion of the Brazilian culture with the offer of a variety of events such as fine arts exhibitions, conferences, seminars, plays, film screening and musical concerts.
Since 1999 CCBB has been accredited as a CELPE-BRAS representative. 

The CCBB is located on a 3-storey colonial-style building, with seven classrooms, two cultural events rooms and a library with more than 5.000 titles about Brazilian Literature, Economics and History.


For further information, please click here: 

Página do Centro Cultural Brasil-Bolívia


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Av. Arce – Parque Zenón Iturralde Nro. 110
Zona San Jorge
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