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Brazil-Guiana Cultural Center

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Brazil-Guiana Cultural Center




The Brazil-Guiana Cultural Center (CCBG) was inaugurated in 1970 with the purposes of promoting bilateral cultural exchange and contributing to the strengthening and consolidation of Brazil and Guiana relations. Its main activities are related to the implementation of the systemic teaching of the Brazilian Portuguese language as well as to the diffusion of the Brazilian culture.

The CCBG is located on a three-storey colonial-style building, with six classrooms, language laboratory and a comprehensive library with a collection of books of several Brazilian writers.  There are also workstations provided with internet services for the students´ access to research and study.  As far as cultural activities are concerned, the CCBG presents Brazilian documentaries and film screening, as well as fine arts exhibitions, conferences with Brazilian writers and artists. 

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Or contact us:
309 Church Street, Queenstown

Phone number: (00592) 2268054, 2262573
Fax: (00592) 2269063
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