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Brazilian literature is a hot topic in one of the most important literary fairs in the world

The 32nd international book fair of Gothenburg, one of the biggest literary fairs in Europe, took place in September 2016, with the remarkable presence of a stand entirely dedicated to Brazil, the only latin-american country and the only CPLP (the Community of Portuguese Language Countries) member to have an exclusive stand in Gothenburg's book fair.

Three writers took part of the Brazilian delegation: Oscar Nakasato, author of the book "Nihonjin", 2012 "Jabuti Award" winning novel, about the story of Japanese immigrants to Brazil; André Neves, author of a lot children books like "TOM", whose main character is an autistic boy; and Bianca Pinheiro, a comic book writer, winner of the most important Brazilian comic book award in 2015.

The Brazilian stand hosted the exhibition of a diversified set of books like a collection of "Prêmio Jabuti" winners sent by the Brazilian Book Chamber (CBL). A variety of Brazilian novels, from authors like Clarice Lispector and Ferreira Gullar, all translated to Swedish, has also been displayed to the public.

Special attention was given to literary works released by Hjulet publisher, as a part of the Brazil's Foreign Ministry translation support program: "Flicts", by Ziraldo, and "TOM", by André Neves.

Wikipedia's staff attended a number of events promoted by Brazil at the fair, such as lectures about Clarice Lispector, in order to devise articles related to Brazilian literature.


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