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The Brazilian Cultural-Centre in Tel Aviv hosted a new exhibition called "Variantes Linguísticas do Português". The interactive exhibition has been based on the Portuguese Language Museum´s collection, located in the city of São Paulo.

A lecture about the historic evolution of Portuguese has been given as a part of the opening cerimony, followed by the exhibition of the film "Vidas: Línguas em Português", by Brazilian director Vitor Lopes.

The exhibition has been divided into three parts: Portuguese in the world, Portuguese in Brazil and Myths. The first part explored the evolution of Portuguese language since its origins as an Indo-European language, until its institution as the official language of Portugal and, later, as the official language of all others Portuguese-speaking countries. The second part showed all the Brazilian's linguistics variations, through a lot of texts, like poems. The third one, has been dedicated to current events, by showing the Portuguese language in contemporary Brazil, as well as some theories about the evolution of the language in the future.