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Brazilian Communities Abroad



With the purpose of strengthening the linguistic and cultural links between Brazilian citizens who live abroad and Brazil, the Ministry of External Relations created, in 2011, a Programme for Language and Culture Diffusion (PDLC).

This project is notably turned to Brazilians’ children living abroad. As our knowledge of a language depends on the circumstances that surround us, these "heirs of Brazilian culture" risk losing contact with their native language. Due to this reality, activities turned to the training of teachers of Portuguese as a Heritage Language (POLH) was emphasized. In bilingual or multilingual contexts, keeping children in touch with the Portuguese language requires specific competences by professors and parents.

In coordination with the Brazilian consulates and with the civil society associations formed by the Brazilian community abroad, the PDLC comprises a great diversity of activities aiming at the diffusion and maintenance of the Portuguese language. They are: presentations of storytellers, of theater and music; writing, drawing, illustration and comics workshops; recreational and circus activities; Brazilian cinema sessions and writing contests.

As a pioneer activity, Itamaraty provided training courses to teachers of Portuguese as a Heritage Language in San Francisco, Washington, Miami and Zurich, which were conducted by experts in Portuguese as a Foreign Language.

Yearly, several projects linked to the teaching of POLH are designed by Brazilian associations abroad, in coordination with the nearest consular post.

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